Queen’s University of Brighton, LLC, is an educational institution that is incorporated and licensed in the State of California. It is licensed by the City of Riverside, California, License Number BL 00131193, recognized and authorized by the California Department of Consumer Affairs to offer university degree programs and award undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level degrees throughout their international campuses.
As an international university, Queen's University of Brighton, LLC, has also been applied to the Commission of Higher Education, Republic of Philippines for TNE permit and government recognition to offer the following degree programs:
1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
2. Master of Business Administration
3. Doctor of Business Administration
4. Bachelor of Science in Psychology
5. Master of Arts in Psychology
Accreditation Status

Queen’s University of Brighton, LLC, is currently an accredited member of "Committee for Distance Education Accreditation", one of the recognized UNESCO accrediting agencies in distance education.