About Riverside Campus
The beautiful campus is located in the prestigious region in Riverside City across Magnolia Avenue and Arlington Avenue with universities, schools and office complexes. The campus provides students with plenty of free parking spaces but without boarding facilities. A ten minutes drive from the campus will take students to the“University Village”with university cinema, university conference hall, accommodation hall, banks, foods, and shopping.

About Riverside County and City
Riverside County, with a population of over 1.3 million people, borders densely populated Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties. The county was formed in 1893 from almost 7,200 square miles of fertile river valleys, low deserts, mountains, foothills, and rolling plains, that extend from within 14 miles of the Pacific Ocean to the Colorado River.

The City of Riverside, once known for its many citrus groves, palm lined avenues, and a wide array of subtropical shade trees, remains a pleasant oasis in the inland region of Southern California. Its "Mediterranean image" derives from the many examples of fine architecture in the California Mission Revival and Spanish Colonial styles that dot its landscape.

The city was founded in 1870 by John W. North and the Southern California Colony Association. The land had long been inhabited by Native Americans, but was later divided into several large Spanish land grants that gave way to gradual settlement by other Europeans, Chinese, and Mexicans. The region became famous for its citrus and horticultural industries that over time gave way to military and industrial growth, and education.

Today, the city is a vibrant, culturally diverse center of commerce, finance, industry, and education in the Inland Empire. It has libraries, art and history museums, theaters, concert venues, a convention center, fine restaurants, quaint shops, modern shopping malls, and a wide variety of sports and other recreation activities that make living here comfortable and fun. Its people reflect the same cultural and ethnic diversity found throughout Southern California, giving the city a rich, cosmopolitan feel.