The objectives of Queen’s University of Brighton are:

  1. Provide quality distance learning courses through the most advanced Communications technology.
  2. Provide quality classroom instruction at the respective foreign campuses.
  3. Provide degree programs that exceed ISO 9001:2000 education standards.
  4. Utilize UNESCO’s Toolkit technology in developing course materials, objectives, and lesson plans.
  5. Provide degree programs that exceed the DETC accreditation guidelines.
  6. Encourage cultural diversity within the student population thru the UNESCO network. .
  7. To have an on-going course evaluation program based on the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) process.
  8. Develop a student’s research skills to the highest level of competency.
  9. Introduce students to global education and training trends and technology.
  10. Respond more readily and with greater autonomy to the demands for new learning.
  11. Provide programs that promote an exchange of academics and offer a national, regional, and global platform for information sharing in all major fields.