Non-Discriminatory Policy
QUEEN’S UNIVERSITY OF BRIGHTON does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicapped status in any of its policies, practices, or procedures.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides, generally, that (1) students shall have the right of access to their educational records, and (2) educational institutions shall not release educational records to non-college employees without consent of the student. Written consent of the student is required before the University can release information concerning the student to prospective employers, government agencies, credit bureau’s, etc. Students and alumni applying for jobs, credit, etc., can expedite their applications by providing the University with written permission to release their records, specifying which records and to whom the release should be made. For further details on and exceptions to the policies affecting disclosure of student records, contact the Administrative Office.

Students may enroll for a course, a semester or for an academic program. Enrollment starts on the first day of scheduled classes.

Enrollment begins only after the applicant has been accepted by the Admissions Committee and has paid or made arrangements to pay the fees and tuition.

A student who wishes to withdraw from the University during a semester must complete a withdrawal form. See the section on refund of fees for possible refunds. No student may withdraw after the date shown on the University's schedule as the last day of instruction.

Leave of Absence
A student may petition for a leave of absence and, if approved, may upon return continue under the catalog requirements that applied to the enrollment prior to the absence. A leave of absence may be granted for a maximum of one year. Illness is the only routinely approved reason for a leave of absence.

Administrative Withdrawal
A student may be administratively withdrawn from the program or a course because of excessive class absence, disruptive behavior, inappropriate professional or ethical conduct, unfulfilled academic requirements, or unpaid tuition or fees. Differentiation of withdrawal passing and withdrawal failing will be annotated on the records. Refunds will be made in accordance with the University's policy. Students have the right to appeal certain disciplinary actions taken by appropriate University authorities. Regulations governing original hearings and appeal rights and procedures are provided to give maximum protection to both the individual charged and the University community.

Academic Progress, Probation and Disqualification
For purposes of determining a student's ability to remain in the University, both quality of performance and progress towards the educational objective will be considered. Students are required to maintain constant communication with tutor/instructor to complete all course completion requirements. A student shall be subject to academic probation if he or she fails to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in all credits attempted after admission to the program.

Right of Petition
Students may petition for review of certain University academic regulations when unusual circumstances exist.

Sexual Assault Policy
The QUB Administrative offices are located in a modern complex protected by security guards on a 24-hour basis, therefore, chances of sexual assault taking place at the administrative offices is remote. However, in compliance with the guidelines established by the California Education Code QUB has set forth the following sexual assault prevention, reporting and emergency aid procedures:

Sexual assault at QUB shall include but not limited to rape, forced oral copulation, forced sodomy, rape by foreign object, sexual battery, or threat of sexual assault.

When sexual assault is committed at QUB, the victim or witness to the crime shall immediately report to the University President (or his or her designee) should such a crime take place during working hours. If the sexual crime occurs during non-working hours, report the crime to the local Police Department with the consent of the victim.

The University President shall develop and implement policies and procedures regarding: Types of emergency services to be made available to the victim; Procedures for transporting the victim to the appropriate medical service facility for providing necessary medical services with the consent of the victim; Names, addresses, and phone numbers of post-trauma counseling services that are available to the victim; and Provide information concerning options: criminal prosecution, civil prosecutions and availability of counseling regarding academic difficulties that may arise because of the sexual assault and its impact on the victim.

Enforcement Policy
QUB has established a committee entitled Sexual Offense Prevention Committee. This Committee, which is headed by the University President, is entrusted with the task of coordinating all matters involving sexual harassment complaints and sexual offense on campus.

The Board of Directors appoints two members from the administration, two from the faculty, (and two members from the student body if sexual harassment allegation involves a student) to the Committee.

When an alleged sexual harassment compliant is brought to the attention of the administration, the Vice President for Student Services shall make an investigation and present her or his findings to the Committee. Based on the evidence presented, the Committee renders a judgment. However, if the alleged victim of sexual harassment is dissatisfied with the decision rendered by this Committee, he or she may appeal to the Board of Trustees.

Sexual Harassment Policy
Federal laws prohibit sexual harassment. All employees of Queen’s University of Brighton must observe this provision. For our purpose, sexual harassment is defined as by the California Education Code:

A state of sexual harassment exists when submission to or rejection of such conduct affects the outcome of hiring, continued employment or promotion, academic progress include grades, or when such conduct has the effect of unreasonably interfering with the individuals' performance of duties and responsibilities, scholastic performance, or creating an intimidating or hostile work environment.

Housing Policy
QUB has no dormitory facilities at this time.