Archival of Student Records
Students' academic records are maintained for fifty years.

Grading System
All students of the University will have coursework evaluated and reported by the faculty using letter grades or administrative symbols. Grades and symbols are listed in the chart below together with grade point values.

  Grade Point
A - Outstanding performance 4
B - Above average performance 3
C - Average performance 2
D - Below average performance 1
F - No Credit 0

Degree Maximum Time for Completion
Bachelors Degrees : 5 years (20 Semesters) (Program Completion)
Master Degrees : 5 years (20 Semesters)
Doctoral Degrees : 7 years (28 Semesters)

Definition of Full-Time Enrollment
2 courses (6 credits) per semester.


New students shall attend an orientation session prior to attending or enrolling in the first QUB course.

The objectives of Orientation are:

  1. To clarify the program.
  2. To familiarize students with online procedures of study, research and communications with QUB.
  3. To establish a strong link between the applicant and Queen’s University of Brighton.
  4. To familiarize students with the degree requirements of their program.
  5. To familiarize students with methods of teaching used by instructors, and to clarify course participation methods and requirements.
  6. To provide guidance on how to use advisors most effectively.
  7. To familiarize students with procedures for using online libraries.

Upon acceptance into the program, the Registrar will assist the applicant in making arrangements to attend an orientation session which may be completed via teleconference, online, or in person.

Definition of Terms
  1. Conditional Student is a student who does not fully comply with Queen’s University of Brighton ’s academic admissions standards
  2. Enrolled Student is a student who does fully comply with Queen’s University of Brighton ’s academic admissions standards
  3. Graduate is a student who has received his/her diploma
  4. Alumni is a graduate of QUB

Administrative Symbols

A : Audit / No Credit
I : Incomplete, if not completed within one year, the‘I’will be changed to and‘F’.
W : Official Withdrawal from course
NC : No credit
C : Credit
P : Pass
S : Satisfactory
U : Unsatisfactory

Numbering System

  • 1000 Level All ESL Programs
  • 4000 Level: Bachelor of Science Degree Programs
  • 5000 Level: Master’s Degree Programs
  • 7000 Level: Executive Business Seminars
  • 8000 Level: Doctoral Degree Programs