Transfer of Credits

Queen’s University of Brighton welcomes the transfer of course work from institutions that are accredited by UNESCO, ISO 9001:2000, U.S. Department of Education, CHEA, or any U.S. Regional Accreditation Association. In order to request this transfer, you should arrange for an official transcript (signed and sealed) to be mailed directly from the previous institution to the Queen’s University of Brighton Registrar’s Office.

Credit is evaluated on a course-for-course basis, requiring that course descriptions and credit values be comparable. Only work earned with a grade of “C” or higher (“B” or higher for graduate work) is transferable; however, grades from transfer credits, depending upon credit value, may or may not compute into the student’s Queen’s University of Brighton GPA.

Transfer of credit may be possible from recognized but unaccredited institutions. The same procedures and requirements as previously noted apply. In addition, QUB takes steps to ensure that course work taken in the sending institution is comparable to course work offered by QUB.  These steps include one or more of the following:

If you wish to apply transfer credit to a program, the transfer should be arranged immediately upon receiving your letter of acceptance, and before registering for courses at Queen’s University of Brighton.

Students in the undergraduate program must complete twenty-five percent of the semester credits that are required for the degree completion program at Queen’s University of Brighton in order to qualify for graduation. Thus, a student pursuing the Bachelor degree must earn at least 32 semester credits at Queen’s University of Brighton.

Students enrolled in degree programs at Queen’s University of Brighton who have selected specializations may transfer up to two courses (6 Credits) against their specialization requirements if the courses to be transferred appreciably cover material related to the specific courses found in the Queen’s University of Brighton University course catalog. These transferred specialization credits will count as part of the total credits that each program allows to be transferred.