Application fee   $50.00
Undergraduate Tuition   $95.00 / per Semester Hour
Graduate   Masters Tuition                  $200.00 / per Semester Hour
Doctoral Tuition $250.00 / per Semester Hour
Tuition is due upon course(s) enrollment.

Tuition Obligations

Tuition must be paid before the start of the student’s current semester. Depending on the course format (classroom or online), semesters start continuously throughout the year. A new semester (cohort group) starts on the first day of each month and the individual student’s semester rotation will be determined based upon the month in which they first start taking classes at the University.

Additional Fees and Charges (Non-Refundable)

The following fees and charges are costs that students may incur beyond the Basic Tuition Fees for specific Degree Programs. None of these costs are refundable.

Graduation Fees

Bachelors Degrees   $100.00
Master Degrees   $150.00
Doctoral Degrees   $250.00

Phone Calls and Postage Costs

QUB prefers email communication. However, there are cases when students need to contact the University by phone. The costs for all phone calls and postage must be assumed by the student. Each student can then control this portion of the expenses for his or her program.

Library fees and research costs

Each student is responsible for any costs incurred in obtaining access to local college libraries, obtaining local library cards, costs related to the research portion of the program or any costs of database access charges and/or mentor/specialists.

Optional Fees and Charges (Non-Refundable)

None of the fees listed below are refundable under the terms of the University’s Refund Policy since they are voluntary and not required as part of the requirements in any Program.


Catalog PDF file can be downloaded from the QUB webpage.

Transcript Fees

A complimentary copy of a student’s QUB official transcript is provided to each graduate with his or her degree and graduation package. There is a $10.00 fee for each additional copy. All requests for transcripts must be submitted in a letter, signed by the student or graduate, to the Registrar of the University or online using student’s login and password. Each student can obtain a free unofficial copy of their transcript by using the Unofficial Transcript option under Student Records and Services on the QUB Homepage. The unofficial transcript can be downloaded at anytime and will contain the most current information that the Registrar’s Office has concerning the student.

Services Not Provided by the University

The University does not provide, or charge fees for student housing, transportation, supplies and materials, equipment costs, shop or studio fees, or any other costs not described in the University’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.
In addition, the University does not provide, pay for, or reimburse students for the acquisition of, or use of, any electronic tools, and/or services such as, but not limited to, computers, access to online database services, or database consultant fees and/or services.