Step 1: In addition to the application form, provided online, please submit the following materials to the Registrar’s Office: 

  1. $50.00 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Graduate Applicants only: Resume. In the case of adult students, a record of professional accomplishment often provides an equal, and sometimes better, indication of the student’s capacity for graduate study than an academic record from years past. The Registrar’s Office staff views your professional background and achievements as considers these qualities as a significant indicator of potential success as a student enrolled in one of Queen’s University of Brighton programs.

Step 2: Graduate Applicants only: An applicant must provide an official transcript of the highest degree awarded from a nationally or regionally approved institution or an equivalent internationally institution. Transcripts are to be sent directly to Queen’s University of Brighton. This is accomplished by contacting the Registrar at the institution and making a request for the transcript to be forwarded to QUB. Usually such requests are accompanied by required transcript fees to each institution.

Note: Queen’s University of Brighton requires applicants to submit additional transcripts in the following cases:

  1. Applicants seeking consideration of prior graduate credit for transfer are required to submit official transcripts indicating award of that credit.
  2. Applicants whose highest degree transcript does not indicate all courses completed in pursuit of the degree may be required to submit additional transcripts to substantiate credit.