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Queen's University of Brighton (QUB) is a highly reputable international university with government recognitions in America and in process of government recognition in  Republic of Philippines that has consistently educated and prepared through our distance learning programs and world-wide on-site campuses, well educated professionals for the challenges they must overcome in the global community.

QUB, through a combination of traditional classroom learning and advanced online training, provides the most current technology and knowledge a student must possess to better prepare them for the challenges and opportunities they will experience in their careers.

QUB pledges to place an emphasis on expanding an individual's skills in order for them to not only contribute to their teams achievements but to be the catalyst for the team's success in whatever endeavor they pursue in life. Our accreditation from worldwide renowned professional bodies ranks us on the cutting-edge of distance learning as an American university. As more and more international students enjoy quality online, on-site, and off-campus learning at our international campuses, QUB is committed to providing highly distinctive programs which fulfill a student's chosen academic needs and arms them with the most needed employment skills for the challenges of the 21st century and working and competing in a global economy.

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Member, The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

Member, National Association of Industrial Technology

Member, Association of International Educators

Member, World Association for Online Education

Beginning August 2009, the courses for the Bachelor's degree in business Administration will be online!! you can enroll online and complete the courses at your home computer!!

We would appreciate it very much if you would complete a Degree Evaluation form and tell us how you liked our degree programs or how to improve them. You can comlete the evaluation form online or download it and mail or email it to us.

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